Welcome to the World of Aaliat Almadinah

our establishment was founded in 2011 enterprise owns adiversified through good team work ,we even our customers better service keep up with new everything in the development world

within multiple stages including water treatment moultiple such as potable water, industrials waste, sewage,

cooling towers water, boilers water and swim pool water

in additional food industry , environment systems and training in courses , provide consulting services for production factories ,hotels, hospitals to guarntee to serve you better in odrder to achieve yout goals 

we have expertise in the fields of commerical tenders nd help companies in that and choose products according to the techinical specifications and confirm as well as contact with international companies to secure your trading reqests 

we are pleased to cooperate with all local compainies 

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Aaliat Almadinah Commercials
Latest Product

Introducing our latest product (Cup Filling), Enjoy it ...

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Introducing our popular product (Water Coolers), Enjoy it ...

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